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If you want to taste pure whiskeys, just buy a bottle of Booker. Booker Noe, the man who made the whiskey, gave this bottle as a gift to his friends. It was the prime bourbon that was bottled straight from the barrel. It is uncut or unfiltered. The cask strength whiskeys is apparently quite potent stuff, and it provides a smoky and raw drinking experience. This in reality is actually is quite a multifarious bottle of alcohol, which has fine little notes of coffee, and is a perfect present for your friends. Price -$55

Image result for booker bourbonMaker’s Mark Private Select

In recent years Maker’s Mark has actually jumped into the pool of innovation. The Private Select program of Maker’s Mark’s lets retailers and bars to make their personal Maker’s Mark bottling, with a procedure similar to Maker’s 46. This program is amazingly exceptional. The subsequent whiskeys are actually a gamble, but are worth trying wherever you can get hold of them. Prices differ

Widow Jane 10 Year

When it comes to alcohol and beer, water is every so often an unnoticed component. But, this is not the case with Widow Jane, the mineral-rich water of which is a very vital portion of producing such a wonderful bourbon. The water of Widow Jane comes from the limestone quarry in New York, and it from here that it derives its name. It is pleasant in a way that nothing is excessively evident. It is balanced and effortlessly drinkable whiskey that people will love, as nothing in it sticks out like a sharp razor.  Price -$60

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Black Maple Hill 16-Year-Old Small Batch

Black Maple Hill has a pleasant spicy punch, so it can be assumed that contains a good amount of rye. Other than this, not much can be said about it. Although, without any doubt it can be said that it is we can tell you is really very very good. Nevertheless, you get the opportunity to try it, do try it, or at least sample the standard Black Maple Hill expression. Price – $150

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