7 Beautiful Europe cities to discover in 2019


If you are wondering where to go next year, let’s follow this writing to have your own answer.

  1. Yorkshire, United Kingdom


In 71 A.D. York city was established in Northern England by Roman people. Its architecture is really wonderful. Although Yorkshire is a vibrant city, it still brought to visitors a unique old architecture with winding streets. Gothic York Minster is the most famous place in this city. This church is a typical example of Gothic architecture.

  1. Budapest, Hungary


In the traveling map, Budapest is still a secret place though the number of visitors has been increasing. Hungary’s capital is the 14th biggest and the most pretty city in the world. Budapest proud of museums, churches and a beautiful view of the Danube river.

  1. Strasbourg, France


UNESCO acknowledged the center of Strasbourg as a World Heritage. Strasbourg’s architecture and culture are a  wonderful combination of France and Germany. It brings a nice beauty of Alsace area. Today, Strasbourg is a part of the medieval village and Europe electric factory.

  1. Rotterdam, Netherlands


Rotterdam is the biggest port of Europe and it consists of impressive cube houses. This city also proud of Markthal- an amazing inside market

  1. Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic


In Western Bohemia- Karlovy is a favorite relaxing town of many visitors. In 1350, this city was established and famous for spring water. Elegant and colorful architecture make Karlovy become famous in the world.

  1. Bruges, Belgium


People say that Bruges is a channel’s city. It is suitable to take a walk on a sunny day. This city was recognized World Heritage by UNESCO because it is the best town which is conserved best.

  1. Gdansk, Poland


Gdansk is the 6th big city in Poland. War Monument- Westerplatte and Long Market ( city’s heart) are the 2 most popular place that you should not ignore.


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