With the continuous uprise of cryptocurrencies in these modern days, BitConnect was founded as yet another opportunity for people to enjoy open markets and focus on completely disregarding paper currencies.

With decent trading knowledge, anyone holding a cryptocurrency like Bitconnect can expect massive profits. People who hold BCC coins belong in a community of like-minded investors, who are continuously seeking income stability in today’s world.

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Brand History

As a widely known cryptocurrency, BitConnect was founded in late 2016 with a mission to provide the massive crypto community with an outstanding alternative in trading, staking, mining, and investing in Bitcoin. Ever since the first day, its vision was to provide a better option than Bitcoin. Although both are open-source, BitConnect’s number one focus is expanding the already wide audience of traders who are active. Members of this community can raise their reputation by verifying their identity to the officials. They can provide all other relevant information, such as social media accounts, like Facebook, Twitter, PayPal, and Google+. They all have the same goal of being independent of the governmental institutions and banks.

Today, we’re looking at BCC as the 13th strongest cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of over 670 million US dollars.

Recent Affairs And Current Status

The most recent affair occurred when Bitcoin Cash’s abbreviation was the same as the BitConnect’s. Now, everything is in order, as the Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency has the BCH abbreviation on almost all trading platforms.

How to use effectively?

The best, most efficient way of securely owning BitConnect coins is with a dedicated wallet system. You can find links to iOS and Android apps on their official website, and they are available on both Google Play and the App Store. With a BitConnect wallet, you can begin with trading the BCC for other currencies, as well as sending and receiving both BitConnects and Bitcoins.

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To mine effectively, you do not need an ASIC miner. Over the next several years, the vastly growing BCC community will be contributing to the value. Therefore, make sure to join them and gain your financial independence!


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