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  1. Title of the art work – Three Men Walking II

Artist -Alberto Giacometti

Year -1949

Material – Bronze

The work is nontraditional word of Art as the human forms are overextended to a thin form with huge feet (The Metropolitan Museum of Art).

The onlooker sees 3 human figures in mid pace that are limited by the boarders of the bench. No figure come into interaction with the other as if they are insensible of the other one. However, the image portrays humans dissociated from one other however they are limited to a small place together. The uneven, worn, profoundly worked exteriors of the work characterize his technique. Abridged, as they are, to their very essential, these forms suggest sole trees in wintertime, those who have lost their greenery.

In this work, the forms take extensive steps, all in a diverse way. The unfilled space everywhere works as a hindrance to communication. They pace along, each unharmed by another, estranged by the void that backdrops them.

The purpose of the art is to show the social aspect, which shows how detached the world is. It looks like the artist wants to show the lack of communication.

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2. Title of the art work – Bloody Heads number 39

Artist -Miriam Beerman

Year -1969

Material – Acrylic, cut and pasted paper on paper

The work can be called nontraditional in light of the forms made use of and the art portrayed.

In this, the onlooker sees two gravely trodden and maimed figures lying side by side. They appear to have been beaten or in a mishap together. The absence of color in the work gives it an all-around antiquated horror work look (The Metropolitan Museum of Art).

The purpose of the art seems to shock and horrify the society. Not much was implicit on the web as to the effect or sense. My inference is that it is an awful piece of art that visions are made of. It is scary, terrifying and oblivious. However, cruelty is what I consider is being transferred by this piece of work.

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