Best CPM Advertisements Networks for publishers


It is well known that monetizing your blog/website is one of the ways of making passive income. There are numerous kinds of website advertisements which you can try, and all of them have their own sets of pros, as well as cons. These advertisements are also called as CPM, and they pay your for the number of individuals that see the ad on your website/blog. Below is the list of 15 CPM ad networks that provide good payouts in the business:

  1. UberCPM

UberCPM is one of the fastest growing CPMs, which is best for small as well as medium sized publishers. However, this CPM has a faster approval system, and gives 80% of the revenue to the publishers. UberCPM puts your inventory on some of the major ad exchanges, and, here several promoters are able to bid on your website.


  • The ads are safe.
  • Monthly payout via Paypal.
  • CPM rate can sometimes go to 10$.
  • Real Time Statistics and Reports.


  • The ads are irrelevant.
  • Low Impression count.


2.    BuySellAds

If you are new in writing websites/blog, then BuySellAds is for you. You can get quicker approval, as there are no requirements. However, you can make at least some income with even some hundred visitors on your blog/website. And, as your visitors will increase, your income will also increase.


  • A good range of ads is accessible, which can be tailored to meet your needs.
  • In case of PayPal, the minimum payment threshold is merely $20
  • One can get the payment within 2-3 working days of making the request.
  • They share 75% of the revenue.


  • Prices are non-negotiable
  • They take 25% of all the revenues

3.      Adbuff

Adbuff is known for its real-time bidding policy. It puts the major advertisers on one platform, and the advertisers can bid for publisher sites. Nevertheless, this results in publishers getting the benefit of uppermost CPM rates.


  • An extremely advanced Real-time dashboard, which provides real-time reports.
  • Personal account manager for every publisher.
  • Weekly Bonuses.
  • Good revenue.


  • Minimum requirement of 2000 clicks per day
  • NET45 payment terms


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