Loss: $162.4 billion


World’s first cryptocurrency lost more than the existing market cap of whole cryptocurrency market ($131 billion) in 2018. The market-cap of bitcoin on January 1 was over $229 billion, which dropped to $66.7 billion on December 29 in spite of an upsurge in circulating supply. Nevertheless, it still is the leading and most prevalent cryptocurrency.

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Loss: $77.6 billion


XRP by Ripple was the second major failure in 2018 taking a hit of around $78 billion in its value. Its market cap tanked to around $15 billion on December 29 from $92 billion on January 1. The difference can be greater if we contemplate its year high valuation of $131 billion.




Loss: $60 billion


Ethereum began the year with a market cap over $74 billion. It got to a high of $135 billion in January. Nevertheless, market-wide slump resulted in its value to lessen to somewhat over $14 billion at the end of December.


Bitcoin Cash

Loss: $38 billion

A hard fork of bitcoin lost more than 92% of its market cap in 2018. It started the year valued at $41 and is presently worth around $3 billion.



Loss: $17.8 billion

Presently the 11th major cryptocurrency suffered the fifth major loss among major cryptocurrencies over the year. The cryptocurrency was started last year and soon zoomed to a valuation of $19 billion at the beginning of 2018. It moreover climbed to be worth $29 billion in late January. Nevertheless, at the end of year, at $1 billion its valuation is a fraction of that at its prime.

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Loss: $10.6 billion

One of the most promising cryptocurrency of last year saw its valuation spiral down to below $2 billion at the end of this year. The currency lost more than $10 billion in valuation during the year.



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