Cyclone Usman kills 22 in Philippines


According to the Philippines’ civil defense office, at least 22 people have died owing to flooding and landslides, which was a result of a tropical cyclone that resulted in heavy rains to the central Philippines.

The number of victims could increase as rescue and recovery operations continue. It has been reported that many people are still missing or stuck by the landslides.

According to the regional office of the disaster agency, it was trying to confirm the deaths of additional 38 individuals in the Bicol area, situated south of the main island of Luzon. However, the good thing is that because of the cyclone warning, many people had already fled their homes.

According to Claudio Yucot, the head of the Bicol region’s office of civil defense, “The majority of the areas are underwater. We are sending rubber boats and troops to save the families. Moreover, in certain areas, the floods have touched the roofs of homes”.

Edgar Posadas, the spokesman of Disaster agency said the winds from Usman were “not strong,” however their properties had resulted in extensive destruction.

More rains expected


According to the forecasters, the area is expected to experience more heavy rain over the next 24 hours.

The Philippines has said to be the world’s most exposed nation to tropical storms. Furthermore, an average of 20 cyclones hit the archipelago every year — five of which are damaging.

Every year, around 20 tropical cyclones get into the Philippine Area of Responsibility. This area includes parts of the Philippine Archipelago, the South China Sea, and the Pacific Ocean. From these cyclones, 10 will be typhoons, and 5 of them would have the possibility to be damaging. The Philippines is one of the most exposed nations in the world to tropical storms.


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