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Andariel’s in-game model

Andariel is the last chief of the 1st action of Diablo II plus is seen on the 4th stage of the Catacombs. It is typically finest to clear undead as well as demonic minions in the 1st room, so to emphasis on Andariel. Get the gates open plus continue to the throne room, in case you move far, Andariel must approach you.

Andariel’s remains burning

Although it is probable to reduce the harm by the poison attacks, with the help of Poison Resistance, it is perhaps better to heal by healing potions going to Akara for her services. You need to keep hitting Andariel, and she will ultimately fall. Andariel has negative. Fire attacks can do more harm to her, so utilize Fire based attacks.

At the time of Andariel’s death, her body explodes in flame, and, a Town Portal will open that will get you to the Rogue Encampment. You can endure your voyage in Act II.

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Andariel’s death animation

As Andariel has a weakness for fire damage, Amazons can make use of Fire Arrow, Paladins can make use of Holy Fire. Though poison of Andariel’s could be pretty fatal, getting to the town every time the poison harm begins to overhaul the healing, as well as going back to the battle is an efficient method. Below are several useful clues regarding how to shatter her with diverse classes –

Amazon – Make use of extended attacks. Making use of a javelins or bow from extended range lets Amazons to keep distance from Andariel.

Barbarian – In case twin weapons are utilized, in that case expertise such as Double Swing are brilliant. Mana Stealing arms are also beneficial.

Druid – In case you being Shape Shifter, Werewolf could be best for rapid harm.

Sorceress – If you can get Andariel in the room and stuck her on the lake, the sorceress might bomb her with several spells. Static Field is fairly effectual here, however to utilize it one needs to get dangerously near to the Maiden of Anguish.

Necromancer – Ensure to slay the beings in Andariel’s throne room prior to the combat. The bodies will offer a close place to rise more carcasses if the necromancer is using calling skills, however be alert that carcasses can die very rapidly by Andariel’s poison.

Paladin – The Might as well as Concentration airs enormously upsurge the Paladin’s injury output. The Cleansing aura could too assist the Paladin as well as his group, in case, poison is a problem.

Assassin – Tiger Strike can assist in getting down Andariel. Make use of traps to rise harm output.

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  • The nudity of Andariel in Diablo II created disagreement amid Blizzard South as well as Blizzard North. The subject was dropped when she was seen on cover of a gaming magazine.[10]
  • Andariel has certain similarity to the character of Sarah from StarCraft.
  • Lani Minella voiced Andariel. Image result for Diablo II Andariel


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