Dogs, which are Not Family Friendly


Picking a new dog for your family is not as simple as you may contemplate. There are numerous vital aspects, which you require to take into account prior to getting a dog—particularly if you are parents of small kids. Although dogs are seen as man’s best friend, you should ensure that the breed chosen by you will manage not only with your own kids, however, also with neighbors and other young visitors.  It is not possible to train all the breeds of the dog to get along with children. Moreover, certain breeds even need a homeowners insurance premium hike.  Below are the top 24 dog breeds, which the specialists recommend should not be around kids and young families.


1. Akita

Since the ancient times, Akita has a good repute for a good domestic guard dog in Japan. These dogs are energetic leaders of the pack, particularly if there are other dogs in your house. The issue with Akita is that they may think of small kids as impostors, particularly if your little ones bring their friends home. However, they can be taught to be kinder; nevertheless, it is also vital to teach your kids about how to tackle them.

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2. Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are small in size, because of which many people find them cute, and, assume that they are the best breeds for kids. However, this is not the fact. Chihuahuas are actually extremely strong-willed, and one of the most persistent dog breeds. It can get really difficult to train this breed, particularly if they find weakness in the human leadership presented. They are tend to get hostile and envious of young kids, due to their sense to show their power over the pack’s younger members. Actually, they feel that your children are the as members of the pack.

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3. Alaskan Malamute

The Alaskan Malamute was raised to endure the cruel and inaccessible environment of the tundra; therefore, they are inherent against being around spirited kids. . It can get really difficult to train them, particularly if the owner displays signs of weakness. As extremely strong pack leaders, they need socialization not merely from other dogs, however from the humans, as well. They usually attack smaller animals comprising children. Apart from possibly hurting children, they also shed a lot, which is not good, particularly if any family member is suffering from asthma.

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Rottweilers can get extremely huge. First of all, they were first raised for their power, because they pulled small carts as well as herd livestock. This breed is extremely brave and faithful; therefore, they have a propensity to get aggressive near visitors. Proper training can help in controlling their strong persona, plus it is equally vital to display strong control all the while. Because of this, Rottweilers are ideal as police dogs and guard. Although strong, they still love to play. However, at times they confuse play with something real, therefore they have a tendency to get on the complete attack style.

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5. Bullmastiff

Bullmastiffs can get extremely huge, besides they don’t appear to be conscious of their size. This can result in a possible issue, particularly if there are small children in the house, as when your kid starts running, this breed can effortlessly knock him down. Also, when compared to other breeds of dogs, they are quite aggressive, however, as long as you display strong leadership, their anger can be trained. But, they need to be trained early on, as they are not easy to train later in life. They see humans as the pack leader, therefore, you must not show signs of weakness.

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6. Saint Bernard

Thanks to the movie, Beethoven, the Saint Bernard breed is fairly infamous. This dogs of this breed are extremely loveable, and can be taught, although harder owing to their very lively nature. With training, they can learn to act well near small children. Although they look adorable, the chief issue with them is their massive size and built. They have the propensity to accidently harm small kids by knocking them over. Actually the size and the spirited nature of this breed makes them hard dogs for families with very small kids.

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7. Weimaraner

Initially a hunting dog, the Weimaraner has so much energy, which they require to spend, every day. They love to run around therefore have a propensity to knock anyone, especially children, if they come in the way. They get bored simply, besides their hunting nature gets them eager when they are in the company of small creatures, which comprises even your children. However other than their easily hasty nature, this breed is also extremely needy when it comes to exercise and physical activities. Their size, raised physical needs and energy, can frequently result in the dog accidently hurting your young kids.

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8. Australian Shepherd

An active and brave breed of the dog, the Australian Shepherd was raised as watchdogs as well as disaster rescue dogs. These dogs need regular physical activities because they are full of energy. They require to have their everyday walks, or else they form behavioral problems. This everyday requirement can be too burdensome for families having young children. Possibly one more reason because of which this dog breed is not family-friendly is that when meeting people for the first time, they get anxious. Furthermore, they frequently have the propensity to think of kids as their pack, therefore they get violent towards the misbehaviors of the kids.

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9. Siberian Husky

Siberian Huskies are a powerful, and they are well-known for their infinite energy. They were raised to pull sledges in the snow, plus their natures state them that they have no interest in safeguarding homes and shielding the family. They also need a lot of attention, and, in case, you are required to care for both the huskies as well as kids, it will get extremely demanding for you, because these huskies can contend with small kids for attention. Even though the dogs of this breed have a strong character, a Siberian Husky can be trained, in order to make it an very affectionate pet – however it needs patience.

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10. Affenpinscher

The Affenpinscher is a naughty breed of the dog, and they usually jump around. Also, they are stubborn and intrusive. Affenpinscher are funny to watch, however, they can be a problem, in case you have young kids in the house. As they are small in size, kids usually think of them as toys, therefore have a propensity to mistreat them. Even though the Affenpinscher can bear the rough playing of the kids, they at times guard themselves. Training can be provided to them, but, you require to display leadership because they can be defiant when they see the signs of weakness.

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