Indígenas reciben pensiones a los 65 años, no indígenas a los 68: AMLO

El presidente destacó que las pensiones para adultos mayores se entregan de forma selectiva por origen étnico de los beneficiarios. AMLO dijo que las pensiones par adultos mayores se entregan 3 años antes a personas indígenas. | Tomada de @DEELAYUUK Las pensiones para las personas no indígenas en el país se entregan a partir de los 68 […]

Drake Bell dijo que dejará de hablar en inglés y sus fans gringas ya están chillando

Ya es más mexicano que Guillermo del Toro México Mágico.- Drake Bell no para de enamorar a los mexicanos y hace unos días cantó el Cielito Lindo durante los Premios Telehit. Lo que provocó que las mexicanas se arrojarán a sus pies. Y es que todos sabemos que no hay cosa en este mundo que no haga […]

The Significance of Mindset for weight loss

The truth is that a clear mindset is very important hen you are trying to loose weight. at the time you are trying to lose weight, there is a psychological aspect which should be taken into account. We liken it to the “rah rah” feature which at times you require to prosper in sports. Consider […]

Secrets of the Happy Life- You Only Live Once

Happy Life is something that we all dream for. But it is not easy to enjoy the perks of Happy Life in this busy world. Happiness is an emotional state of your mind when you feel emotionally flourished by doing something or by being with someone. Some people are trying to achieve their goals and […]

5 Most Useful YouTube Channels for Students

YouTube has become the major source of information for students for the last few years. You can find almost every lecture on YouTube regarding any subject and topic. People are learning new stuff, subjects, techniques, and skills from YouTube. YouTube is not just about fun but there is an ocean of knowledge and information out […]

Amazing Facts that You Did not Know about Hashtag

Almost all social media users have seen # sign in many famous posts and tweets. The hashtag is nothing new but still many users don’t know the purpose of Hashtags and the real power of Hashtag. This year, social media celebrated the 10th birthday of Hashtag. If you don’t have any technical background and want […]

Love in Game PUBG, and happy wedding

Survival game- PUBG is not only a playground for game players but also a connection for many virtual relationships as well as the real one. PUBG unintentionally becomes the “matchmaker” for a great number of players. They fall in love in the game but go on getting married in the real life. Especially, there is […]

7 Beautiful Europe cities to discover in 2019

If you are wondering where to go next year, let’s follow this writing to have your own answer. Yorkshire, United Kingdom In 71 A.D. York city was established in Northern England by Roman people. Its architecture is really wonderful. Although Yorkshire is a vibrant city, it still brought to visitors a unique old architecture with […]