Fastest animals and birds on Earth


Some animals are designed to run fast when compared to the other animals. Below is the list of the animals that are really fast in their speed.


Peregrine Falcon

Birds have an advantage in terms of speed, due to the apparent reasons. The Peregrine Falcon is the fastest bird and in fact the fastest animal on the entire earth. This bird is actually extremely fast, adept of going over a speed of 322kph while diving, which makes it an awesome hunter.


Frigate Bird

This outstanding bird is known for its speed. The Frigate Bird can reach up to a speed of 153kph. This bird has the biggest wingspan to body weight ratio, which helps it in staying in the air for extremely long durations.

White Throated Needletail

The White Throated Needletail is the fastest bird in powered flight, with a top recorded speed of 171kph!

Sail Fish

The sailfish is the fastest sea mammal. The fish can reach up to a speed of 110kph in water. The specific sail is used when the fish is terrified to scare intimidating creatures. Otherwise, in general, it is kept folded up.



The fastest animal in the world is, of course, the cheetah. The animal is expert at running down fast prey and can reach a top speed of 113kph. Unlike other animals discussed on this list, the cheetah is a hunter. It signifies a grave threat to other animals.

The cheetah is a small distance runner, not a long distance runner, however, it combines agility with speed for fatal attack runs.

Pronghorn Antelope

This antelope can effortlessly out-sprint the majority of the hunters at speeds of 98kph.

These are certain extraordinarily fast animals on the surface of the earth. These amazing animals demonstrate the diverse ways in which creatures can acclimate to realize the role of either hunter or herbivore.




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