5 Top Freelancing Platforms for Entrepreneurs

There are several Freelancing Platforms but we can try each site. So, we have created a list of top Freelancing Platforms for you. There are a lot of guidelines for earning methods, yet as a freelancer, getting handsome paying gigs is not simply an issue of joining on sites. You’ll need to stretch out, build […]

Setting Up Social Media Accounts for kids

It is common for the kids to start wanting more social independence as they grow up. Therefore they can be seen requesting for their own smartphones and social media accounts. The good thing is that all the websites, which have the members under the age group of 13 years should be acquiescent with the Children’s […]

Highest Paid Jobs and Fields in 2019

Are you searching for the highest paid jobs in 2019? “What does this job pay?” It is one of the most asked questions during an interview. Highest paying jobs are always at the top list of every professional. If you want to earn big and looking for the highest paying job filed. Check this list […]

Ways to Teach Elementary kids About Money

1. Give commissions, not allowances Don’t give your kids the money just like that. Make them understand that they need to do certain age appropriate chores around the house, like – helping in the kitchen, cleaning the house, or mowing the grass etc. This concept is explained in the book, ‘Smart Money, Smart Kids’, by […]

How to Generate Passive Income with Freelancing?

Most of the freelancers are offering their services to earn some extra bucks. Do you know that freelancers can earn a handsome amount from the internet? There are like hundreds of ways to earn from the internet as a freelancer. It may feel like a difficult task at the beginning but with the passage of […]

Beware of these Concurrency Trends in 2019

Cryptocurrency is going to see some serious turns in 2019. 2018 has been pretty awesome and disturbing for the crypto market. At the start, it was the most profitable investment and in the end, things got pretty serious. Cryptocurrency trends are going to show many curves in 2019. If you are thinking about investing in this […]

WALL STREET JOURNAL: More than 15% of cryptocurency projects show signs of danger

According to new research from Wall Street Journal, more than 15% of cryptocurrency projects that raise funds through ICO services show signs of serious danger that will stop investors. The investigation, which analyzed white papers of 3,300 pre-encrypted services and ICO, showed that 513 of them were able to commit plagiarism, misrepresenting the identity of […]