Indonesia’s disaster: The reason why this country had to stand lots of earthquake and tsunami.


The island nation- Indonesia got damaged seriously by a lot of disasters, but what are the reasons?

Indonesian people went through a terrible year. In 2018, Indonesia’s people, as well as its material, were lost by natural disasters such as the volcano, earthquake or tsunami.

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Recently, on 23rd December, a tsunami attacked Sudan channel which led to the death of 222 people and 843 injured people.

All the world are looking toward many victims in Indonesia. However, the frequency of dense disasters make many people wonder: Why it is Indonesia?

Earthquake will certainly happen, but when?

Because of geographic location, Indonesia cannot avoid earthquake.
It is located in the Ring of Fire- a ring with a shape of a horse-shoe, which is come along 40000 km and caused to many seim in the world. It consists of many active volcanoes and 3 tectonic plates’ cracking that belongs to the Pacific Ocean.

An earthquake was caused by the impact of these tectonic plates. According to Hongfeng Yang- a geological expert in HongKong University, China: Power can be hoarded in tens of thousands year, but it takes a few seconds to explode.

In fact, among millions of vibration each year, there are about 100.000 vibrations that considered as an earthquake and 10.000 of them are dangerous. Japan and Indonesia are 2 countries that have to bear the strongest impact. Beside Indonesia, Japan is also attacked by tsunami with the highest frequency.

Can we predict earthquake in the Ring of Fire?

It is regretted that there is no method to ensure the exactly prediction about the earthquake in this area. It is hard to know where or when it will happen and its danger.

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Because of rapidly explodent, we are not able to announce about earthquake or tsunami although we can follow them in the ground. To predict an earthquake, science needs to find out its signals clearly and the need to have enough time.

Regardless of many efforts, no signals are reliable. Science is also doubting about this signals’ existence.


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