League of Legends: Riot Games is about to launch a new “currency” unit for plowing clothes


Riot Games is making changes to make Hang Hieu costume become a more popular and popular “costume” in League of Legends.

In addition, the costume design team of League of Legends is nurturing a lot of ideas about the “Brand Name” Skin series in the future (as we can see, now every series of themed clothes will be released). The eye comes with an outfit.

Riot Games has also considered launching new features to help conditional gamers own this type of clothing more often.

At the present time, the Brand Apparel items only appear at major League events (such as Kai’Sa in the CKTG event combined with the K / DA band debut event, and Akali is in the Christmas event). This makes the number of clothes of Hang Hieu promising to be released in the League of 2019 season significantly limited.

To overcome this problem, Riot Games is expected to launch a new item category dedicated to plowing points to redeem rewards for branded clothing.

The new “currency” unit prepared by the creator of League of Legends is called Prestige Points – Temporarily translated as Credits.

Players can earn Credits from Masterwork’s chest system – The Great Treasure Box. Every 100 Credits earned will help gamers convert into any outfit. However, with the “peasant priority” nature that Riot Games applies to this type of costume, the amount of Credits obtained from the Great Treasure will be fixed in one number, not the random like other items.

Source: gamek


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