Pokémon GO Fest Global Research Challenge Progress: Will Instinct Actually Finish?


There’s the distinct possibility that we’re approaching a strange milestone for Pokémon GO, now three years into it.

Every time we get a major international event in this game, the developer gives players a large-scale global challenge as a way of feeling like part of the event.

So while players at something like Pokémon GO Fest are working on one side of the puzzle, everyone else around the world has to complete a ton of tasks, catch a bunch of Pokémon or do something else in order to unlock some sort of global bonuses for when the event ends. In the past, we’ve achieved these goals handily. This time, however, we could run into trouble.

Since the beginning of the event, Niantic has been providing us with daily updates on how each team is doing. And while Mystic, Valor and Pokémon GO Fest attendees have already cleared the requisite hurdles, Instinct is lagging behind.

Everyone’s favorite underdogs were at just over 10,000,000 out of the required 15,000,000 at last count, putting them well short of being on pace to finish the challenge.

Given the fact that we’re still getting these daily updates, it seems totally possible that the team might not actually finish, meaning that we wouldn’t get a rare candy boost from raids and, crucially, it would mean we would miss Raikou Raid day.

That would be a shame for both players and developers: raid days almost certainly bring in a ton of extra revenue.


The real question, however, is whether or not Niantic will let this stand. The thing is, nobody has any idea how many millions of research tasks people are completing. It’s up to Niantic to do the reporting, and theoretically, they could just juice the numbers a little bit to get us up to the required amount. I’m not saying Niantic will do this, because it’s more or less a black box here, but I am saying that if Niantic did do this, we would never know.


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