Reasons why cats are better than dogs


  1. Cats don’t need much space

It is a fact that dogs need a lot of space. Moreover, they don’t think twice before barging on your space and need their own bed and everything else. While, on the other hand, our fury friends are much smaller and can practically fit anywhere.

tabby cat


  1. They are much affordable

When you think of getting your pet from a shelter home, the fees is much cheaper than the fees for the dog. Moreover, dogs have a tendency of destroying their toys, which means that their toys need to be of hard material, which usually are more expensive than the toys that you get for the cats.

  1. They don’t need to be outdoors

With dogs, it is really important that you take them outdoors for walks and exercise so that they are fit.  However, this is not the case with cats. Our our furry friends are completely content staying indoors and are happy just watching the birds from the window.

cat sleeping


  1. They live longer

When compared to dogs, our furry friends have a longer life span, which means that they can keep you company for more years. On an average, the cats have a life span of 14 years, while the lifespan of dogs is 11 years, which can be shorter in case of the big dogs.

  1. They are quieter

Just imagine the ruckus that dogs make with all their barking. And, now just imagine a cat meowing. While cats meow from time to time, this noise is very soft when compared to barking of the dog. While one can find the dogs barking all the time, cats only meow when they are hungry or need your attention. Even the loudest cat won’t make half the noise that a dog will. So if you want a pet who will not disturb the neighbors cats are the pets to go with.

British shorthair cat in a box





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