Roger Ver: Bitcoin Cash is number 1, it solves problems that Bitcoin ( BTC) cannot do.


In an interview with Naomi Brockwell, the father of Bitcoin Cash- Roger Ver shared many things such as hardfork Bitcoin Cash and clarified problems that people are curious about him.

Bitcoin Cash can become the second P2P ( peer to peer) currency of the world.

In the cryptocurrency aspect, Roger Ver is one of the earliest investors. He always wants to create a tool which helps to make the transaction between 2 random people from anywhere on the Earth. Ver aims to create encoding money eliminating exorbitant fees that are taken by banks.


Roger Ver said: “Bitcoin Cash attracts me because of its high ability to carry out. You can choose Dash, Monero or Zcash but I am not. Do not care about what it is, just believe and take action”.

Although Bitcoin ( BTC) has developed since 2008, it had been delayed in a few years. The reason is that a group of people who know nothing about the economy didn’t consider Bitcoin as a currency.

Right now, governments in the world haven’t made clear regulations for encoding money, especially in the USA, SEC ( Securities and Exchange Commission) hasn’t complete decisions related to ICO ( Initial Coin Offering) yet. On the other hand, Bitcoin Cash’s inventors want Bitcoin to be friendly with the government.

Bitcoin succeed, but it is not enough.

Roger Ver has been participating in the encoding money system for a long time before anyone realized the importance of Bitcoin and other different types of encoding money.

He explained: Bitcoin Cash is running better and more reliable than BTC. At the moment, he is having many financial and philosophical motivations. For him, Bitcoin is a great success than anyone, anywhere.

Ver continued to talk. As long as Bitcoin cut economic ability itself, moreover, restrictions on transportable time make it difficult to promote commercial strength. That’s why he switched to Bitcoin Cash, it was created to solve these problems.


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