The dead people are rising up to 500 people in Indonesia.


Indonesia is threatening by the risk of the tsunami, the number of victims is continuously rising. Adopted from Reuters: ” At least 373 people died, 1459 people injured and 128 people are missing”. These figures were confirmed by Mr. Sutopo Nugroho- the speaker of BNPB ( Badan Nasional Penanggulangan Bencana).

Under the heavy rain, the rescue team had to use lots of mechanized equipment, even their hands to excavate the rubble. Simultaneously, they evacuated more than 12.000 people so as to watch for the next tsunami. Experts warned: a tsunami is able to happen because Anak mountain is unstable after strong effusion.

The cause leads to this disaster is determined: A part of Anak mountain collapsed to the sea, this makes udersea’s land move. Afterward, a tsunami combined with high tidal waves attacked to southern Sumatra island and western Java island on 22nd, December. Dwikorita Karnawati- the leader of BNPB said.

Indonesia changed into rubble after this attraction. The situation is getting worse and more complicated. Indonesia governmental officers are trying to surmount difficulties and continuing to follow the situation rigidly.


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