The French man set off to the Atlantic in a big barrel


Mr. Jean-Jacques Savin built his own barrel to cross the Atlantic at the shipyard in Ares, southwestern France. Mr. Jean-Jacques Savin hoped that the sea currents would push the barrel and carry him to the Caribbean Sea within 3 months.

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According to Fox News, Mr. Jean Jacques Savin – a 71 year old man – has started from the Canary Islands off the Atlantic Ocean in an orange box which is full of beds, kitchens and storage space. A window on the floor allowed him to observe the ocean world. The barrel is designed with wave resistance and assaults from killer whales. He will also drop markers along the way to help oceanographers study Atlantic currents.

Mr Savin is a former military paratrooper and has also worked as a park ranger and a pilot. The former paratrooper said that his special ship will move only thanks to ocean currents and he hopes that it will reach the Caribbean in the next three months.

In a telephone interview with AFP news agency, he said: “The weather is great. I’ve got a swell of one metre (3ft) and I’m moving at 2-3km/h… I’ve got favourable winds forecast until Sunday.”

Image: Internet

Savin has earned enough $ 68,000 to make the journey cost by raising funds. He brought with him some luxuries, including a bottle of white wine to enjoy on New Year’s Eve, a bottle of red wine for his birthday on January and foie gras.

He strongly believed that the ocean currents could take him and the barrel over 4,500 kilometers to the nearest islands in Caribbean. However, he also hopes that it will be a French island because a French island will help him to make paperwork easier.


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