Top beauty hack to up your beauty game


One hack is that Bronzer is to be applied only over your jawline forehead, and cheekbones, and not all over the face.

Use Dots to Get Symmetrical Winged Eyeliner

A white base coat is a good hack to get more vibrant nails.

Sharpen the Edges of Your Lipstick with Concealer

Contour under your jawbone for a rectangle face shape

If you apply a full layer of makeup everyday, then it's vital that you now remember to give your skin some days off to breathe a little. This will prevent potential breakouts and clogged pores especially when it's coupled with not removing the makeup properly every night.

Use brow pomade to groom your brows before you fill them in

Use Dry Shampoo to Blend Clip-in Extensions

Draw a triangle shape under your eyes to brighten the entire eye area.

Dry your hair with a t-shirt in order to get a frizz-free hair

Layer concealer, foundation, and setting powder in order to make sure the discoloration is totally covered and the product won’t dislodge.

Wiggle the brush at the root of your lashes to use it as a liner for your inner top lid. The thicker the brush the better

Use a Volume Spray to Give Bangs Texture

Draw an uneven eyeliner line in order to avoid pulling your eyelid

Blend skin products and makeup in order to get a stroking effect

Using a flat iron to get straight hair is a good hack

Try loose powder to get a perfect finish

Test foundation on your neck and not on the face

Apply concealer after foundation

Use leftover beer to ash your hair

Wash your brushes with a gentle face wash regularly

Use rose water as a toner

Exercise and a clean diet will make your skin glowing.

Apply aloevera gel on your face to get a glowing skin

Use essential oils to get smooth skin








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