7 Most Romantic Places on Earth for Couples

Romantic Places generally referred to lovely candlelight dinners in a romantic place. Or long peaceful walks on the wet sand of the amazing beach and relaxing accommodations. But some destinations are beyond your imagination. You will see an unexplainable beauty of nature and calmness everywhere. Everyone wants to vacation and romantic places where they can […]

The most delicious dishes in Southeast Asia

Cuisine is considered one of the representatives for a country’s culture. Tourists always want to savor tasty foods when they travel somewhere. These following dishes are evaluated the most delicious in Southeast Asia by visitors. Pho- Vietnam Vietnamese cuisine is well-known for using fresh and many species of vegetables. Pho is one of traditional food […]

The French man set off to the Atlantic in a big barrel

Mr. Jean-Jacques Savin built his own barrel to cross the Atlantic at the shipyard in Ares, southwestern France. Mr. Jean-Jacques Savin hoped that the sea currents would push the barrel and carry him to the Caribbean Sea within 3 months. According to Fox News, Mr. Jean Jacques Savin – a 71 year old man – […]

7 Beautiful Europe cities to discover in 2019

If you are wondering where to go next year, let’s follow this writing to have your own answer. Yorkshire, United Kingdom In 71 A.D. York city was established in Northern England by Roman people. Its architecture is really wonderful. Although Yorkshire is a vibrant city, it still brought to visitors a unique old architecture with […]