Trump criticized for tweets against migrants


Donald Trump has put the blame on Democrats in the case of death of two immigrant kids that were in US custody. The deaths were the two separate cases of two Guatemalan kids, aged 7 and 8, who unlawfully crossed the border with their families who were put into custody by US Border Patrol.

According to Trump, the death of the kids is actually the liability of the Democrats. He accused the pitiable immigration policies. According to him, these immigration policies certify anyone to make the extensive trek believing that they can get into the country easily and as per their wish.

The Democratic representative highly criticized the situation. They said that the US immigration policies were there from long, but there have never been any cases of children dying in custody before.

However, Trump has tried to clarify himself by saying that the kids were unwell, which resulted in their deaths. However, the families of the kids disagreed to the statement and said that the kids were fit and fine before

Trump had earlier accused Democrats of policies. He said had made his management to separate some kids from their parents at the border. This assertion has been extensively seen as false.

The shutdown

The shutdown effects have not been seen much. Several of the 800,000 government workers sent home would anyway have taken an off due to the Christmas and New Year. However, the pressure will increase after the New Year.

This is the 3rd government closure in this year. There have been shorter closures in the month of January and February.

The shutdowns have been because of Trump’s call to build a wall beside the US-Mexico border. Trump believes that migrants would never once think of crossing the border once there is a wall. This wall should be on the US-Mexico border.

However, there has not been any decision on the wall.


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