Unique birds in the world


Below is the list of the most unique and rare birds in the world.



This is a rare looking extremely big stork-like bird, which is found in big marshes from South Sudan to Zambia. Furthermore, this bird is recognized by its exclusive features and its slow movements make it stand out.

Andean Cock-of-the-Rock

 A bird is extremely beautiful and is found in the Andes Mountains of South America. These birds make their nest between the rocks so that they can hide their astonishing form, which entices predatory eagles.

beautiful rare birds


Hummingbirds are the smallest species of bird, which generally feeds on insect eggs, spiders and insects. They get their name hummingbirds as their wings make the humming sound.



The kakapo is one of the extraordinary and oddest night-time parrots in the world. Kakapo does not fly, however, are one of the longest-living birds is. Kakapos are found in New Zealand and are said to be very smart animals who easily get attached to people.

beautiful rare birds

Black Heron

Black Egret is extremely well-known for its rare and exceptional hunting technique. This species is found in the trivial and lake in the Sahara Desert. Moreover, this bird makes use of its wings in the form of an umbrella to entice fish.


Great Curassow

The Great Curassow is a huge, pheasant-like bird, which is found in Mexico and Central America rainforests. Moreover, Great Curassow is most of the times found in treetops and nests. However, Curassow is extremely subtle to human company and will leave the area at the least sign of individuals.

beautiful rare birds

Helmeted Hornbill

 This extremely big and bigheaded bird can be found in the areas of Sumatra and Borneo between Malaysia and Indonesia. Unfortunately, the helmet on their beaks is taken for handicrafts, in spite of the fact that they are nearly extinct.

beautiful rare birds


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